Gender and Youth Empowerment (GYE)

Gender and Youth empowerment (GYE)

  1. Gender Based Violence (GBV) workshop.

This workshop aims to gives skills to reduce gender-based violence through awareness raising, support community policing activities and promote security for both women and men and support establishment of gender desks in police stations. The GBV workshops provides space for better gender analysis to gain more knowledge and insights on gender issues and how to mainstream gender in development.

  1. Sustainable life skills (SCSI).

CEPAD works to improve skills and confidence of local communities in self-help participatory approaches to development that leads to reduce poverty. This is done through training of community change agents, facilitate formation and management of community self-help groups including microfinance and Savings and Credit Cooperatives (SACCOS).

  1. The Safe open space (SOS) program

This is a teen. Tween mental health club where we teach mental health and emotional intelligence through fun activities. It is a new activity that is been developed and we are looking for partners to support us. The objective is to use young people to respond to their own mental health issues with support of peer groups