Who we are

Community Empowerment for Peace and Development West Nile (CEPAD-WN) is a voluntary non profit-making organization that works to resist violence, transform conflicts, and build peace in communities. Founded in 2014 By Ugandan women who have worked in conflict zone for more than a decade and are scholars of peace and conflict management. CEPAD registered entity with Arua district local government, a member of Arua district NGO forum, West Nile Humanitarian platform and the charter 4change. The organization since its inception has worked with civil society organizations, particularly the youth, women, faith-based, refugee population and traditional structures in West Nile to transform conflicts, and to promote nonviolent and democratic principles. Based in Arua, Uganda, CEPAD works with vulnerable groups and partners across the country to support individuals and organizations to enhance skills needed to transform violent conflicts and build bridges across ethnic, religious, and political divides.

Our Motto
“Transforming the world through Non-Violence”

Our Vision
A Non-Violent and Peaceful Society where every person has access to basic rights and a life in dignity.

Empowering Communities for Sustainable Peace and Development through Training, Research and Advocacy..

Core Values

  • Social Justice
  • Integrity
  • Voluntarisim
  • Inclusion
  • Accountability

Based on strategic plan 2020-2025 CEPAD-WN strives to build a nonviolent, peaceful and democratic society through training, research and advocacy in;

  1. Conflict Transformation, Peace building and Nonviolence (CTPBN)
  2. Governance and Democracy (GD)
  3. Women, girlchild and Youth Empowerment (WGCYE)
  4. Environment, Land and Climate Change (ELCC)
  5. Institutional Growth and Development (IGD)

CEPAD-WN further as a result of these projects is connected with national, community based and International Non-governmental Organizations. The engagement enables CEPAD-WN and its partners to contribute to peace building, nonviolent conflict transformation and democratization in Uganda and beyond. CEPAD-WN works closely with Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) and UNHCR who monitor the activities of the organization. CEPAD-WN is a member of the Arua district NGO Forum, the West Nile humanitarian platform and had endorsed the Charter 4change among others.

We finance our operations and programs from membership contributions and subscription fees, consultancy work, donations, grants, financial and in-kind support from individuals and international organizations. CEPAD-WN since 2019 has developed policy documents including finance and procurement policy that organization abides by.


The management is composed of the General Assembly who is the highest governing body in the organization. It comprises of all registered members and the body meets once every year to discuss, approve, amend, or reject narrative and financial reports and approve the general policies and organizational plans. The founding members is the second body of the institution who give technical support to the Bord of Directors. The BOD is the third layer in organizational governance. The BoD comprise of legal and technical advisers and have committees (Finance and procurement, Audit and Risk, appointment and recruitment committees) BUT do not have a decision-making capacity because final decisions are made by the General Assembly.

The Board

The Board of Directors provide the oversight to the organizational management and meets every three months to discuss the reports and management plans. The management encompasses all the contracted staff and volunteers who implement the programs of the organization on day-to-day basis and reports to the Board of Directors.  CEPAD is accountable not only to its members and donors BUT also to its project beneficiaries and audits its accounts yearly. More information can be obtained on the website at:

More information can be obtained on the  website at: 
Https://cepadwestnile.org/ | Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cepadwestnile.org/