Welcome to CEPAD Westnile

“Transforming the World through non-violence for Peace and Development”

About Us

We work with vulnerable people to promote nonviolent actions, good governance, gender, equity, and community safety through training, research and advocacy. Building a peace movement with nonviolence principles is a gradual process. It takes awareness raising and commitment of volunteers to understand and tackle drivers of violence in society in which conflicts and injustices are built and sustained. CEPAD-WN believes that, people living in and who are directly affected by conflicts are well placed if supported (enhanced their skills) to address conflicts and build peace

Our Thematic Areas

Conflict Transformation, Peace building and Nonviolence

The goal is to build constructive change out of the energy created by conflict, by focusing on the underlying causes, analyse and understand the violent conflict, in order to consider what may be appropriate interventions. In this way, we contribute to addressing the underlying causes of conflict,

Women, Girlchild and Youth Empowerment

To empower women and youth as agents of social transformation. This will include actions and practices of raising the status of women and youth through education and raising awareness, literacy, and training.

Governance & Democracy

To promote the culture and institutional environment in which citizens and stakeholders interact among themselves and participate in public affairs, understanding structures and processes that are designed to ensure accountability, transparency, responsiveness, rule of law, stability, equity and inclusiveness, empowerment, and broad-based participation.

Environment, Land and Climate Change

To ensure that the communities can live in a healthy and sustainable environment and that they can adapt to climate change. This aims at empowering the communities with knowledge about climate change, their causes and consequences, and at providing skills and competencies to mitigate their actions to protect their environment.

Institutional Growth and Development

The institutional growth and development is to create and reinforce the capacity of CEPAD WN, to generate, allocate and use human and financial resources effectively to the achievement of our mission and vision. In growth, we envisioned the inherent changes needed in our organization's including membership, employment,

Our Partners & Donors