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Community Empowerment for Peace and Development West Nile (CEPAD-WN) is a voluntary non profit-making organization that works to resist violence, transform conflicts, and build peace in communities. Founded in 2014 By Ugandan women who have worked in conflict zone for more than a decade and are scholars of peace and conflict management. CEPAD WN is a registered entity in Uganda with NGO Bureau (Reg No 5623), Arua district local government, Madi Okollo District local government, Obongi District local government, Terego district local government, a member of Arua district NGO forum, West Nile Humanitarian platform, a member of Feminist Humanitarian Network and the charter 4change a body which advocates for localization of Humanitarian agenda. The organization since its inception has worked with civil society organizations, particularly the youth, women, faith-based, refugee population and traditional structures in West Nile to transform conflicts, and to promote nonviolent and democratic principles. Based in Arua, Uganda, CEPAD WN works with vulnerable groups and partners across the country to support individuals and organizations to enhance skills needed to transform violent conflicts and build bridges across ethnic, religious, and political divides.

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CEPAD-WN with funding from European Union Civil protection and Humanitarian Aid through Care international in Uganda through APEAL Consortium 

APEAL IV Project has delivered a comprehensive, integrated, evidence-based protection, GBV, child protection, disability and inclusion, mental health, and psychosocial support response for refugees from DRC and South Sudan as well as host communities in Uganda settled in Kyangwali, Kyaka II and Imvepi settlements.