Become a Member


Membership in CEPAD is open to all individuals or corporate bodies who genuinely share in the vision and the desire for the promotion of the noble objectives of the organisation. Membership shall have the following categories;

Founder Members

This category consists of members who conceived and actualised the idea of establishing the organisation. Such members shall be responsible for;

  1. Developing policy documents
  2. Opening bank account(s)
  3. Registering the organization
  4. Website development
  5. Production of relevant documentation for publicity

Associate Members

These members shall consist of;

  1. Individuals who subscribe to the objectives of CEPAD.
  2. The technical team collaborated to carry out specific tasks under programmes/projects of the organisation.

Corporate Members

The organisation shall have corporate membership open to institutions with corporate status. Corporate membership may be granted subject to a resolution of CEPAD general Assembly. Corporate membership shall consist of;

  1. Institutions with similar objectives willing to join hands with CEPAD.
  2. Institutions that have no similar objectives but desire to do so in partnership with CEPAD.

Honorary Members

                        i.         CEPAD may, by resolution general assembly confer honorary membership to any person who will have demonstrated exceptional interest in the organisation and with a track record of advocating for the objectives, goals and aspirations of CEPAD.

                       ii.         An honorary member shall not be involved in the day to day running of CEPAD but shall be called upon on a regular basis to give advice on areas of her/his expertise.