CEPAD Nonviolent Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Training (NVCTPBT)

CEPAD-WN Non-Violent Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding Training (NVCTPBT)

July 16, 2020

Community Empowerment for Peace and Development West Nile (CEPAD-WN) in partnership Umverteilem a German Foundation Organized and Implemented a three-day NonViolent Conflict Transformation and PeaceBuilding Basics from 23rd-25th June 2020.

The Objective of the Training was to Enhance the Skills and Knowledge on NonViolent approaches to Conflict Transformation and Community Dialogue

The Training brought in Twenty-Five Participants: Fifteen (15) Participants were Females and Ten (10) of them were Male.

It is beyond doubt that the Training Recognized the Diversity of the Refugees and Host Communities in Uganda. The participants where from different Countries including:- South Sudan, Sudan, DR. Congo, Rwanda, and Burundi. We also had participants from Local Government and Non-Governmental Organizations, Community Based Organizations.

The following topics were covered: Understanding Conflict, Conflict Mapping, Actor Mapping, Gender and PeaceBuilding, Understanding Drivers of Conflict, Community-Based Conflict Mediation and Developing Community-Based Peace Initiatives

The participants came up with the following Recommendations: The recommendations were both to the participants themselves and CEPAD-WN as an organization.

  • CEPAD-WN should offer more Trainings to the people at the grassroots and further trainings to beneficiaries who underwent the basic training.
  • The days for the training should be increased from three days to at least one week (five days).
  • CEPAD-WN should consider Training Cultural Leaders, Refugee Welfare Committees and Local Council Members on the same topics


  • Non-Violent Conflict Transformation and PeaceBuilding
  • Conflict
  • PeaceBuilding
  • Non-Violence

Attachments:  Training Report and Pictures

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