CEPAD-WN on 19TH/03/2021 organized an inception meeting at yoro base camp to enable the key stake holders to understand the project for support, easy coordination and check &balance.

The meeting engaged like the OPM, UNHCR and other Partners among other key stakeholders, who in turn are to reach out to their respective communities and create awareness of the Project, it’s methodology and target outcomes.

This is part of the activities of an 11 months project “Promoting inter community engagements (dialogue) for peace, reconciliation and social cohesion”. in Rhino camp settlement and Palorinya settlement. The goal of the intervention is to build social cohesion through interaction and trust building, the intervention will also address the trauma that refugees come with, through awareness to recognize trauma, and accordingly providing psychosocial support.

The meeting was attended 20 people, these participants comprised of the community leaders and the partner staff as well as the district officials including CEPAD-WN staff.

CEPAD-WN will engage the community from the start for continuation after the project period (ownership), working with the existing structures and refiling the gaps.

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