On 23rd July 2021, CEPAD-WN conducted a radio talk show on radio Transnile Broadcasting Services (TBS) 98.9 FM in Moyo District. The topic for discussion was “The roles of Women in leadership and conflict prevention”. The message was targeted to reach 5000 listeners, the listeners were engaged by allowing them to make calls. The panellists were representatives from the local government, Refugees, Host community members of Iboa village and CEPAD-WN staff.

On 14th September, CEPAD-WN conducted a radio talk show on radio Voice of the Nile (106.1 FM) in Moyo District. This radio talk show hosted four panellists namely, one male representative from Palorinya Subcounty, one woman representative from the host side and one female woman representative from the refugee side. Two CEPAD-WN staff also participated in the radio talk show. The topic for discussion was: “The factors that affect the participation of women in leadership and decision making in Palorinya Refugee Settlement”.

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