CEPAD-WN on the 7th/04/2021 organized and conducted a dialogue about drug abuse, this topic was chosen based the result of the discussions with the stake holders during the inception of this project and assessments & baseline surveys which indicated that the area has high rate of drug consumption among the young people. Therefore, this dialogue was organized to understand why the consumption rate is high and how it can be reduced. The dialogue was facilitated by Mrs. Mary Martin the Women Representative for Rhino and opened by OPM

This diologue is part of the project titled “promoting inter-community engagement (dialogue) for peace, reconciliation and social cohesion” in the settlements of Rhino and Palorinya. CEPAD-WN has been in the zones of Ocea and Siripi since 2019 with funding from Stiftung, Ocea being a fast-growing trading Centre within the settlement, it attracts different categories of people from diverse background and most of the criminal acts and conflicts are found within the Centre, therefore it is on this basis that OPM requested CEPAD-WN to have a continuous intervention in the area.

the representative of the OPM appreciated CEPAD-WN for organizing such an activity and for the continuous intervention in peaceful coexistence sub-sector group.

CEPAD-WN was applauded for the target group (young people) since they are involved most actives in conflicts because of the energy they have and appreciated the few elders because they influence these youth to fight.

OPM representative acknowledged rampart drug abuse not only by the youth, even adults who take a lot of alcohol and it has caused a lot of conflicts in the communities in Ocea A and B which lies astride the trading center

The dialogue was also attended by the Police force who elaborated of the Laws of Uganda about conflicts and Legal conflict resolution procedures.

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