CEPAD-WN with funding from German Federal Government through Institut fur Auslandsbeziehungen (IFA) is implementing an 11 months project in Rhino camp settlement and Palorinya settlements. The title of the project is “Promoting Inter-community Engagement (Dialogue) for Reconciliation, Peace and Social Cohesion. The goal of the intervention is to build social cohesion through interaction and trust building, the intervention will also address the trauma that refugees come with, through awareness to recognize trauma, and accordingly providing psychosocial support. Trauma is one of the underlying causes of the cycle of violence, especially among refugees. The strategy is focused on key leaders, who in turn will reach out to their respective communities with calls to embrace others, CEPAD-WN also intends to use the peace club member that they had trained earlier on to sensitize the community. It is for this cause that CEPAD-WN organized and conducted an inception meeting the key stake holders of Rhino camp settlement.


UNHCR said that one can only leave comfortably with peace. He urged the peace club members to take responsibilities in communities where they came from to promote peace and social cohesion. He also asked the members to lead by example by being at peace with everyone in the communities where they came from. The peace club members should pay key attention to these trainings and make sure that they at least learn or pick something new tat will help them in promoting peace in their communities. “Be a change agent but not a promoter of conflict in the community”. Added that he was proud to see youth and energetic persons taking actions to promote peace in the communities and asked them to be alert and identify conflict triggers that were likely to happen in the communities. Lastly, he urged members to take key actions from the training and implement according.

The refresher training aimed at; – Equipping the peace club members to be able to handle conflicts through different intervention and Building a peaceful society and enable social cohesion among the refugees and host communities, Is expected to reduce rate of Conflicts since the peace club members will be sensitizing community on nonviolence conflict resolution and peaceful coexistence. And that there shall be peaceful coexistence in the communities.

The activity targeted 60 participants plus 3 project staff, the participants comprised of the youth, women representatives, youth leaders, community leaders among others. There were twenty-nine (29) male and twenty-two (22) Female representatives.

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