Community Empowerment for peace and development (CEPAD) was founded in 2013 in Arua district operating in 3 of the west Nile region (Arua, Maracha and Zombo) districts. It started as an initiative and is dedicated to the cause of peacebuilding, conflict management and empowerment of communities. Our vision is a prosperous and peaceful society where every person has access to basic human rights and needs. Early October 2020, CEPAD received an extensional fund of second phase of six (6) months project promoting peaceful co-existence among refugees and between refugees and host community with the main focus being SGBV in Rhino camp settlement specifically Ocea zone for three months, this project is funded by German organization called Um Vertlein Stiftung. Following   the continuous cases of GBV among the refugees and host communities for a period of one month, as part of extension activity CEPAD trained volunteers to sensitize.


CEPAD trained 8 volunteers to do door to door sensitization on GBV which started on 23rd/11/2020.The Target number of house holds to be reached is 2000 households.

CEPAD equipped the volunteers the key knowledge on GBV and gave them hand sanitizers and masks, reporting templates, visibility jackets and T-shirts

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